How to Stay Fit and Still Party

It’s official: party season is in full swing, and once that holiday cheer starts flowing, any semblance of healthy living goes right out of the window. From cheese platters to tequila shots, the effects of partying can wreak havoc on your physique. Even those with serious fortitude find themselves buckling under the strain of constant temptations. And while all the celebrating will raise your spirits, it’s also likely to derail your fitness progress. The good news is your physical accomplishments don’t have to go down the drain just because you want to partake in the festivities.

You can still party and stay in good shape. With a little advance planning and a few simple techniques, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to maintain your current level of fitness throughout the party season. It doesn’t take CSI: Miami, NY, or even Toledo to identify the main progress-crushing culprits—bad foods, bad habits and booze. Get a handle on these and you’ll be able to weather the perfect storm of office, family and bowl game celebrations. So follow our lead and you just may be able to keep those killer abs you spent countless hours chiseling at the gym.

Pick Your Parties
People will find any excuse to party this time of the year, and if you don’t give them the creeps, they’ll want to include you in the fun. It’s up to you to decide which occasions will be worth the indulgence. By planning ahead, you’ll up your odds of preserving your fit physique.

Drink Wisely
‘Tis the season to knock a few back, and unless you live in a rectory, you’re likely to be lured with an assortment of high-calorie, low-nutrition cocktails. Pure alcohol contains about seven calories per gram, which makes it almost twice as fattening as protein or carbs. This is why it’s important to choose your booze carefully. Here are some low calorie choices to consider the next time you’re feeling jolly and thirsty—followed by some high calorie cocktails to avoid.

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